• October 27:  The film 50 Feet From Syria, which I helped score, is on the shortlist of documentary shorts for the Oscar. Wow! You can check out the trailer from my earlier post. It's an honor just to be part of the crew that brought this important message out through film.  Docu Shorts
  • October 20:  A few months ago I was working on the music for another hard-hitting documentary from Spin Film and Skye Fitzgerald. The trailer for 50 Feet from Syria is now up and viewable on the website (Warning - graphic images of the result of violence).  Please check it out here:  http://spinfilm.wix.com/50feetfromsyria#!trailer/c10fk
  • September 1: Happily composing on commission two more new pieces based on Ambrosian hymns for the St. Ambrose University Chamber Singers conducted by my colleague Nathan Windt.