Piano Songs CD



Straightforward, accessible, and easily digestible, the 11 pieces on Piano Songs are a welcoming introduction to Campbell’s work. As a composer and player, Campbell sketches his moods expertly.     – Jeff Ignatius, River City Reader

  1. On the Horizon (3:58)
  2. Rainscape (4:02)
  3. Winter's Thaw (5:15)
  4. The Reason Why (3:28)
  5. New Moon (4:32)
  6. Cold and Beautiful (2:40
  7. Raspberries (3:39)
  8. Pensive Geometries (5:06)
  9. About Face (2:16)
  10. Dancing with Shadows (2:02)
  11. Finlandia (Ambrosian Oaks) (2:27)

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